Committee of Practitioners Rules of Governance

    Pursuant to section 1903(b) of PL 107-110 that establishes the creation of a Committee of Practitioners (COP) with the purpose of advising “the State in carrying out its responsibilities under this title,” specific representation of the committee membership is outlined.

    The chair of the Committee of Practitioners is the State Director of Title I or his/her designee. The chair shall preside at meetings of the committee, prepare the agendas for each meeting, and perform other duties as necessary to assist the committee.  Each member of the committee shall have one vote.  Members who are absent may send a representative to participate in discussion; the representatives may only vote in the member’s place if the member gives a written proxy (PDF, 47KB).  Ex-officio members may participate in discussion; however, voting is limited to active members only.  Actions by the committee shall be taken by a majority of the committee membership present during a scheduled meeting.


    For additional information, contact:

    Division of Federal and State Education Policy

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