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Texas Literacy Initiative


The goal of the Texas Literacy Initiative (TLI) is to ensure that every Texas child is strategically prepared for the literacy demands of college and/or career by high school graduation. TLI integrates and aligns early language and preliteracy skills for children in the age 0 to school entry range. TLI emphasizes reading and writing instruction for students in grades K–12.

A local collaborative of secondary schools, elementary schools, and the feeder preschools and programs that serve a community’s children is called a “Literacy Line.” Integrating and aligning language development and literacy instruction across such a continuum of age 0 through grade 12 educators requires communication and collaboration. Discussions among educators within a Literacy Line should focus on instruction that has been shown to work. This page provides information and state-endorsed resources for building a solid foundation of research-based instructional practices, systems, and guidelines. Join the TLI mailing list and receive updates as information becomes available.

Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP)

The Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP) was developed with funding from the Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy (SRCL) federal formula grant (2010–2012). The TSLP is a guide for creating comprehensive site/campus-based literacy programs and is customized for three age/grade-level groupings: Age 0 to School Entry, Kindergarten to Grade 5, and Grade 6 to Grade 12. TSLP supports educators in effectively teaching our state standards. Although the initial focus of TSLP was on disadvantaged students, it can be used to advance the learning of all students.

 LASERS Components

The TSLP is organized into a LASERS framework of six essential components: Leadership, Assessment, Standards-Based Instruction, Effective Instructional Framework, Reporting and Accountability, and Sustainability. Each component of the LASERS framework contains a set of key action steps at each age/grade level. Implementation Ratings allow sites and campuses to assess their progress toward Sustainability as shown on the TSLP Resource Website.

Related Links

The following links provide assistance for creating comprehensive literacy programs.

The Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP) Resource Website (outside source) supports the development of a comprehensive literacy program at the site/campus level. The website has the following tools: the Implementation Inventory, Implementation Maps, and the Resource Library.

The Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Program Website (outside source) offers opportunities to share lessons learned and promising practices in key areas of advancing literacy skills. 

The Texas State Literacy Plan Online Course (outside source) helps site/campus-based leadership teams move toward full implementation of a comprehensive literacy plan.

English Language Arts and Reading - This site will provide information about curriculum, assessment, rules, and more for anyone who wants to provide high quality English language arts and reading programs for their students.

Write for Texas (outside source) - This multi-course blended workshop is designed for secondary teachers of all subject areas. It supports effective writing instruction for English language learners and students receiving special education services.

Early Childhood Education - This site will provide information about early childhood education (age 0 through pre-kindergarten) in Texas.

English Language Learners (outside source) - This site is sponsored by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). It is part of a Limited English Proficient Student Success Initiative (LEP-SSI) authorized by Senate Bill 1, General Appropriations Act, Article III, Rider 62, and Texas Education Code §21.457 and §39.0241(d).

Dyslexia - This site will provide information about dyslexia in Texas, support for dyslexia identification, and links to services available through the dyslexia consultants at each of the 20 regional education service centers.


Texas State Literacy Plan (TSLP) Abbreviated Version 1.0 (PDF, 6.79MB)

2014-2015 Commissioner's List of Reading Instruments (PDF, 995KB)

Texas Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Grant Application (PDF, 209KB)


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