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Aug. 4, 2010


Comprehensive education jobs website debuts


AUSTIN- Looking for a teaching job? The search just got easier.

The Texas Education Agency today debuted a new statewide web-based school district job search tool. The website, which can be found at http://www.tea.state.tx.us/districtSearch.aspx, brings together information from the state’s 1,200 public school districts and charter schools.

It allows a job seeker to search by address, zip code, or city and to search within a five-to-50 mile radius.

The search brings up a list of districts or charters that match the search criteria and the list provides links to websites and job listings, when available.

Texas public schools employee a total work force of about 646,000, more than the entire population of Wyoming. About 4.8 million children are educated in the Texas public schools each year.

If you are moving to Texas or within the state, this tool gives you access to jobs all over the state. Given our enrollment growth of almost 100,000 students a year and typical staff turnovers, schools are constantly looking for qualified employees, and this site will help bring together employers and employees,” said Commissioner of Education Robert Scott.

A web link called “school district jobs” can be found on the teacher and administrator portals of the TEA website at www.tea.state.tx.us.

TEA’s Division of Educator and Student Policy Initiatives, in collaboration with the Texas Workforce Commission, is working on a more comprehensive website that will list education jobs in the state of Texas, pathways to certification, statewide and district specific incentives and benefits available to educators, and human resource information for potential applicants. The division will be utilizing the TWC's Work in Texas website to provide available jobs in education statewide. The purpose is to provide a user friendly site for all interested applicants in Texas and nationwide to assist districts with attracting qualified and effective teachers to increase student academic achievement, address critical shortage areas, and increase minority participation in the teaching profession.





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