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Dec. 14, 2010

 Final results show 86 percent of schools meet AYP 

AUSTIN – Almost 86 percent of Texas schools met or exceeded the federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards, according to final results released today by the Texas Education Agency.

These results show little change from the preliminary results. Fifty-six schools and 25 districts appealed their preliminary AYP results, which were issued in August.  Forty-one schools and seven districts won their appeals and had their AYP status upgraded from Missed AYP to Meets AYP.

The final results show that 7,241 campuses or 85.8 percent earned a Meets AYP status, while 368 or 4.4 percent Missed AYP.  The remaining schools were not evaluated for a variety of reasons, including being a new campus charter or only serving prekindergarten and kindergarten students.

After the appeals, 969 districts or 78.3 percent met the federal standards, while 20.2 Missed AYP.  The remaining 1.5 percent of districts were not evaluated.

The federal evaluations are based on:

  • Participation and passing rates on state mathematics and reading/English language arts tests for grades 3-8 and 10;
  • Graduation rates for high schools and districts; and
  • Attendance rates for elementary and middle schools.

Final AYP results are available at http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/ayp/.

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