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April 26, 2011


 Most Texas students meet promotion requirements 

AUSTIN – The vast majority of Texas fifth and eighth-grade students passed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) mathematics and reading tests, meeting one of the requirements for promotion to the next grade.

Results released today show that 87 percent of the fifth-grade students who took the TAKS reading exam in English passed it on their first try, as did 76 percent of those who took the test in Spanish.           

Eighty-six percent of those tested in English passed the fifth-grade math test, while 49 percent of those testing in Spanish passed.

This represents a two percentage point increase in the passing rate on the English reading exam over last year, while the passing rate on the mathematics test remained the same as in 2010. Those testing in Spanish had a three-percentage-point increase in the passing rate on the reading test and five-percentage-point increase on the math test.

At eighth grade, 89 percent of the students passed the reading test this year and 80 percent passed the math TAKS.  The test is only available in English at this grade level. In 2010, 91 percent of eighth-grade students passed the reading test, while 80 percent passed the math test.

Students must pass both tests, as well as their classes, at these two grade levels in order to be promoted to the next grade under the state’s Student Success Initiative. 

Students who failed the exam on the first administration have two more testing opportunities. The math test for both grades will be given on May 17 and June 28. The reading test will be offered on May 18 and June 29.

Children who failed the tests will be offered additional instruction to help them strengthen their skills.  Students who do not ultimately pass the math and reading TAKS will be retained in their current grade unless an appeal of the retention is successful.

The Texas Education Agency currently has only statewide results for these exams. Results for districts and campuses will be available from local districts and charter schools.

The majority of the TAKS testing will occur this week. A testing calendar with details about the testing schedule is available online.




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