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July 22, 2011


 Online materials bring latest science to classrooms  



AUSTIN - Texas educators soon can select from 92 online products to cover all new or revised science Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

The supplemental science materials were approved today by the State Board of Education.

Districts may begin ordering this material as of Aug. 8 and, because the material is all electronic, it will be available for use when school opens.

The materials are available for grades 5-8, as well as biology, chemistry, physics and Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC).

Today’s action is ground breaking on several fronts. It is the first time that an adoption has been done on such a compressed time schedule, with the final samples of the material arriving in April, being reviewed by educator panels in June, and adopted by the board in July.

While the board has adopted many instructional material products that were online or in some electronic format before, it is the first time an entire adoption has been in an electronic format.

It is also the first time that an adoption has consisted solely of supplemental materials, rather than consisting of comprehensive textbooks.  The board took this unique action in response to the state’s budget crisis.  The purchase of new comprehensive kindergarten through 12th grade science materials was estimated to cost $347 million. But by agreeing to purchase only supplemental materials that contain just the new or revised curriculum standards that were approved by the board in 2009 and buying material only for selected grades and subjects, the price tag dropped to $60 million. The new materials will be used in conjunction with science textbooks already in classrooms.

Educators have nine to 14 different products to chose from at each grade level or subject. The list of approved materials is available on the Texas Education Agency website.

The products were all approved contingent on the publishers correcting errors identified by the publishers themselves or the educator textbook review panels. On one product in which the publisher disputed that eight passages were errors, the board directed the commissioner of education to work with the publisher to find mutually acceptable language for the passage.

The board also adopted new Career and Technical Education instructional materials under the Midcycle 2011 Proclamation



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