School Re-Opening Form

    The following form is to be filled out when a district or individual campus(es) are re-opening after a closure due to severe weather or other disaster. Data from this form will be used to keep the public informed via the TEA website about school closures, the number of students and staff affected, and actual closure dates.

    Please note that there are several “Required” fields that must be filled in before submitting the form. If you need to clear the form and start over, there is a “Reset” button at the bottom.

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    * ISD Name
    If you are re-opening a campus or campuses, but not the entire district, specify the re-opening campuses, re-opening dates, and their closure lengths here...
    Campus Re-open Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Estimated # Days Closed

    * Are you re-opening your entire district?
    Date re-opening if entire district is re-opening at once? (mm/dd/yyyy)
    Total number of school days closed if entire district is re-opening at once?
    If you need to specify more campuses, submit this form and begin another.

    After clicking the "submit" button below, if you do not see a page that thanks you for completing this form, notify TEA Web Administration