Student Assessment Correspondence with Districts 2008–2009


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Below are letters and broadcast e-mails that have been sent to all districts regarding the Texas Assessment Program.  To view the correspondence for another school year, visit the Correspondence with Districts webpage

04/23/09Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) Rater Training for 2009-2010
Attachment A: Holistic Rating Training Activities and Schedule
Attachment B: TELPAS Online Course Descriptions
Attachment C: List of the 55 TELPAS Holistic Rating Training Entities
Attachment D: Options for Conducting Rater Training Sessions
03/05/09TAKS Vertical Scale Scores and the Texas Projection Measure (TPM)  |   Attachment A
02/26/09Breaks and Approved Student Activities during State-Mandated Testing
01/09/09 Private and Home Schools Spring TAKS and TELPAS Test Availability
10/05/08Confidentiality of State Assessment Results 
09/19/08 Student Assessment Online Testing and Training for the 2008–2009 School Year
Attachment A: Information about 2008–2009 Online Administrations of TAKS, TELPAS, and EOC
Attachment B: Online Testing and Training System Requirements
09/12/08 Reporting of Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) Results
Attachment A: TELPAS Proficiency Level Setting Summary
09/10/08Administration of Local Assessments
08/29/08 Assessments for Students Served by Special Education
Attachment A: Standard-Setting Cut Scores for TAKS–M
Attachment B: Detailed Description of the 2008–2009 Changes to TAKS–Alt and Module Content
Attachment C: Texas Assessment Program Statewide Test Results in State & Federal Accountability
08/20/08 2009 Stand-Alone Field Testing for EOC and TAKS–Alt Interrater Reliability Study
Attachment A: Explanation of Campus Assignments for EOC Field Tests

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