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Visit the STAAR Alternate Resources webpageTo allow access for a wide range of student abilities, the assessment tasks are broadly written. Thus, it is critical that teachers make the STAAR Alternate tasks accessible for each student by providing presentation supports, choosing appropriate materials, and selecting response modes that allow the student to show what he or she has learned. Teachers must plan the task in a manner that allows the student to perform the predetermined criteria without extra help. Supports ensure that a student’s disability is not a factor in his or her performance. As long as a support does not change the complexity level of the task or give the student the answer, the student can have any routinely used accommodations/supports necessary to access the task.

Presentation Supports and Materials

Although the student can use the same supports during assessment that were effectively used during instruction, the materials must be different.  TEA considers student performance valid only if the assessment task has not been previously practiced. The materials used during the assessment observation must vary enough from those used during instruction so that the student is not just rotely repeating an answer or response from a previous instructional session without truly demonstrating the skill. Thus, changes in the materials should relate to the content measured.

    Presentation Supports and Materials (PDF updated 08/31/12)

      Change in Materials from Instruction to Assessment

      The "Task Specific Change in Materials/Approach from Instruction to Assessment" documents below provide guidance on the instruction provided before planning and observing the assessment task. The change in materials must maintain the complexity level of the task and result in a new experience or a different answer than requested in the assessment observation.

      Important Note -You must document the materials used during instruction in the "Description of Materials/Approach Provided During Instruction" section on page 3 of the "STAAR Alternate Documentation Form of Student Performance" before the observation begins.

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