Technical Digest 2004–2005


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The Technical Digest is designed to provide information to Texas testing coordinators, educators, researchers, and interested citizens about the development procedures and technical attributes of the state-mandated assessment program. This digest does not include all the information available regarding the assessment program in Texas. A list of available technical digests and technical reports can be found on the Technical Digest webpage.

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Table of Contents/Purpose  
Chapter 1: Student Assessment in Texas  
Chapter 2: Texas Assessment of Knowledge of Skills (TAKS)  
Chapter 3: The State-Developed Alternative Assessment (SDAA and SDAA II)  
Chapter 4: Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS)  
Chapter 5: Annual Test Development Activities  
Chapter 6: Test Administration Procedures  
Chapter 7: Online Testing  
Chapter 8: Student Success Initiative (SSI)  
Chapter 9: Texas Growth Index (TGI)  
Chapter 10: Quality Control Procedures  
Chapter 11: Scores and Reports  
Chapter 12: Standards  
Chapter 13: Scaling  
Chapter 14: Reliability
Chapter 15: Validity
Chapter 16: Equating  
Chapter 17: Performance Assessment - TAKS and SDAA  
Chapter 18: Texas Assessment of Academic Skills (TAAS) Exit Level  
Chapter 19: Resources  
Appendix 1: Texas Education Code 
Appendix 2: Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 101
Appendix 3: Objectives for Each Grade and Subject Assessed

Appendix 4: Texas Observation Protocols (TOP) Writing Study, Spring/Summer 2005
Appendix 5: Educator Committee Meetings, 2004-2005  
Appendix 6: Sample Item and Data Review Materials  
Appendix 7: 2004-2005 Field-Test Schedule  
Appendix 8: 2004 - 2005 Test Administration Calendars  
Appendix 9: TAKS 2004 Sample Light Marks Analysis Report  
Appendix 10: Online Tests Comparability Study  
Appendix 11: Online Tests Survey Results  
Appendix 12: Texas Growth Index Tables
Appendix 13: 2004-2005 Performance Standards
Appendix 14: TAKS Scale Score Standards
Appendix 15: Grade 8 Standard-Setting Final Report  
Appendix 16: SDAA II to TAKS Linking Study Report
Appendix 17: Raw Score Conversion Tables
Appendix 18: SDAA II Achievement Level Setting Spring 2005
Appendix 19: Scale Score Distributions and Statistics
Appendix 20: Mean P-Values by Objective and Subject Area
Appendix 21: Determining an Appropriate Index of Reliability
Appendix 22: Conditional Standard Error
Appendix 23: Classification Accuracy Tables
Appendix 24: Higher Education Readiness Component
Appendix 25: Grade Correlation Study
Appendix 26: RPTE and TAKS Analyses
Appendix 27: Development of the TELPAS Composite Ratings and Composite Scores
Appendix 28: Data Used to Establish the RPTE Advanced High Proficiency Rating

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